Utande Shop F.A.Q's.

What is the Utande Shop?

The Utande Shop is primarily an online shop, where you can browse for your favourite I.T. related items, or even look through the non I.T. products we have on offer. We encourage you to make your purchases through the website cart system, as our systems have been optimised for this method of buying goods.

Can I visit the Utande Shop offices and make purchases, or collect items I have bought?

Yes, however, as the Utande Shop is really an online shop, you may have to wait a while for your item to be processed for you to collect. Always make the purchase online through the website prior to visiting the Utande Shop offices.

Does the Utande Shop hold stock of everything listed on the Utande Shop website?

We endeavour to stock as much as possible, but there will be times where a particular item may have sold out, or is unavailable. In such cases, we will do our best to source the item for you.

Why would some items be out of stock or unavailable?

Some of the items listed are popular and sell fast. You may have reached the Utande Shop site at a time when the item you are searching for may have sold out. Most stock items are usually readily available, but may take a day or two to arrive back into stock.

Physical Address

Pasangano Building 20 King George Rd, Avondale Harare (+263) 42 25 33 33 (+263) 42 25 33 00

Contact Us

(42) 25 33 33
(42) 25 33 00
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